Taylor Anderson


What do you do at HCA?

I’m a Content Editor, which means it’s my job to come up with editorial concepts and campaigns that will wow our clients. In one day, I could be writing the script for a beauty-focused video in the morning and editing magazine pages for a travel client in the afternoon. It never gets boring because I love figuring out compelling and fresh ways for brands to speak to both their current customers and start conversations with new ones.

What do you love about working at HCA?

The variety! No two days are the same and my job is constantly evolving – much like the media landscape itself. I also love that scrolling Instagram and reading magazines are daily requirements that I can call 'work'.

What’s something people don’t know about you

I have six wisdom teeth! Two extra baby teeth on each side at the top – my dentist has never seen it on another patient in person (or so she says!). I like to think it makes me unique!