Destination luxury

The tourist board wanted to elevate Malta as a high-end destination, and was looking to engage with affluent audiences who may not have considered it within their travel repertoire. 


The team at HCA worked with the tourist board team and Hearst luxury brand team to identify the key messaging that would resonate with the preferences of the target audience. 


Malta Tourist Board

Our role:
  • Strategy
  • Magazines
  • Amplification


We identified that a beautifully designed magazine showcasing its luxury hotels as well as its food and drink would be the perfect solution. We then created a bespoke publication with a look and feel that would appeal to the Harper's Bazaar audience and distributed it via insertion into the magazine. We subsequently did two other versions for Esquire and Red which were also distributed at events as well as via the magazine.  

The publications were compiled using existing photography provided by the Malta tourist board but elevated using unique typography and illustration.