Extending reach with compelling content


Liz Earle’s magazine was a critical part of her marketing strategy.  

It was intended to raise her personal profile and brand through compelling, expert content, and to extend her reach beyond existing followers. And as a result, to create a strong fanbase community, and position her as a go-to personality for all things wellness on her channels or as an expert on others.  

Keen to learn from Hearst’s expertise in the magazine space, Liz approached us to see how editorial excellence plus improved distribution would hopefully increase circulation and provide higher ad yield.  




Liz Earle

Our role:
  • Strategy
  • Magazines
  • Amplification


Our team assessed the product, drawing on our years of experience in creating engaging consumer magazine brands. We looked at cover strategy, pace of internal content and structure. We then reviewed the paper and printing expenditure, the subscription model, the cover price strategy and leaned on our wholesale partners to ensure maximum efficiencies when it came to distribution.  


Liz and her team adopted the recommendations we made editorially, and we embarked upon a communication campaign to the target retailers to ensure they understood the magazine within its competitor set as well as the retail sales value opportunity. We included her magazine as part of our Hearst newsstand value packs and improved her listings within the relevant retailers such as Waitrose and M&S. 

As a direct result of these efforts, the magazine’s newsstand listings and sales both grew by 30%.  

Elsewhere we made savings across print, paper and subscriptions which combined with the above circulation wins - turned her P&L around.  

We also drove awareness for Liz as a result of the increased circulation which meant her books, podcast and events saw increased take-up.