Reaching new audiences


Jamie magazine had launched several years earlier and had seen moderate newsstand success, but he wanted to really grow circulation and become a major player in the food magazine space. Enter Hearst Content Agency.


Jamie Magazine

Our role:
  • Strategy
  • Magazines
  • Amplification

Jamie Covers


We worked with his existing editorial team but used our internal Hearst insight team to look at what we could see from their previous sales data. It showed that issues with Jamie on the cover sold more than ones without – so we suggested a new cover formula. We created a reader persona to try to focus the content in the right direction as until now it felt schizophrenic and not in line with Jamie’s overall personality. We also redesigned the inside to make the magazine feel more in line with Jamie’s branding.  

Jamie Oliver singles


Jamie himself was delighted with what we achieved – a more cohesive magazine that laddered up to his overall marketing persona and brand identity. Sales improved and we could capitalise on the Hearst magazine stable by including Jamie in our value pack bundles – helping him to reach new audiences who loved him but didn’t even know he had a magazine.  

Jamie Spreads